Audi with crease dent

Auto hail and Dent center deals with many high-end makes and models removing dents that would normally  be conventional repairs. All done in a timely manner with no Bondo, paint, or sanding. The crease is about 4 inches long and about half an inch deep. You can't tell...

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Cracked Paint From Poor Paintless Dent Repair

Poor PDR can lead to cracked paint and these cracks can lead to rust in less than a year.  As you can imagine, this can be devastating to a cars value.  Unfortunately, this customer had horrible PDR work done all over the body of his car.  This...

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Bad Paintless Dent Repair – Wrong Dent Practice

Bad paintless dent repair can be devastating to your car. This particular Hyundai was massacred by a very very bad technician. Dent repair is not created equal. Many beginner techs will drill holes when not necessary, depreciating your car's value We counted over 15...

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Pantless Dent Removal Specialists

Paintless Dent Repair is a low cost, less invasive alternative to traditional auto body repair.