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Bad Paintless Dent Repair – Wrong Dent Practice

Bad paintless dent repair can be devastating to your car.
This particular Hyundai was massacred by a very very bad technician.
Dent repair is not created equal. Many beginner techs will drill holes when not necessary, depreciating your car’s value

We counted over 15 holes drilled on the hood.

There was over 12 holes drilled in one door! 6 are shown on the pic.

These are just two spots we took note of, but there are drill holes all over the car totaling more than 60 drill holes.  This significantly reduces the safety of a car in case of an accident.

As if the holes were not bad enough.  There are rough spots all over the car. Cracked paint, and many unfinished dents. The cracked paint has chipped and rusted in less than one year.

If you have been affected by bad paintless dent repair, we might be able to help here at Auto Hail and Dent Center in Littleton Colorado.

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