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Hail can be a devastating thing.  When your car gets involved, things are not pretty, but lucky for you there is an art form called paintless dent repair.  Paintless dent repair is a technique of removing dents, dings and creases from cars without the need of bondo, sanding or paint.  The technician often manipulating the dent with a variety of steel rods; sculpting the metal back point by point to its original shape.  When access to the opposite end of the dent is impossible the tech will use a technique called glue pulling.  This method uses a variety of tabs and a special glue that pulls the dent point by point.  It’s much more work than pushing and requires a whole new set of skills.  The end result is like turning back the hands of time – if you get a good technician.  If however you are appointed or seek out a sub-par tech you will be sorely disappointed as this skills is very difficult to master and there are many problems that can arise from an improper repair.

Technicians often train for over 4 months in a rigorous school.  They then apprentice for several years before they can properly repair a dent so be careful when hiring your technician as there are many fly by night techs that will just take your money and leave you with a sour taste in your mouth as your car’s paint starts to splinter and peel.  Paint is not the only thing you should be worried about when getting a paintless dent repair job done, here is also R&I or removal and installation.  See when the tech needs to get behind the dent often times panels, headliners, lights, etc. have to be removed and re-installed.  If you hire a fly by night Dent Company they can cause thousands of dollars in damage just getting to the car dents.

Auto Hail and Dent Center is a locally owned and operated Paintless Dent Repair company located in Littleton, CO with 15+ years of experience. We specialize in hail repair, dent removal, and paintless crease repairs. Auto Hail and Dent Center works with individuals, all insurance companies, auto body and collision centers, as well as car dealerships. We provide free estimates of the cost of your hail repair or dent removal, shuttle service within the Denver metro area, and pickup and delivery of your vehicle.  At the Auto Hail and Dent Center we are able to take your hail restoration from start to finish. We keep all of our customers up to date on the repair process of their vehicle and produce a quick turnaround time.  If you need a door ding repaired, we often can complete your repair while you wait.  Auto Hail and Dent is an alternative repair service to an auto body or collision center. Call us at 303-862-9543 or stop by our shop located at 3678 Norwood Drive Littleton, CO 80125.